“WordsEye is cutting-edge technology that works by parsing text input into a semantic representation which is then rendered as a 3D scene. This process relies on a large database of linguistic and world knowledge about objects, their parts, and their properties. A set of 2D image filters can be applied to any scene to add a painterly or illustrated look.”

WordsEye is a web and mobile application that allows you to “literally type a picture”. You can create art, visual opinion, single-panel cartoons, and greetings just by typing simple sentences. Once you create a scene it can be shared it to  social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. 

It is currently in beta and you can request an access code.* It took less than an hour for mine to arrive.

This demo video will give you the idea.

How can I use it with my class?

Motivating students to write is an important aspect of teaching any class. Here is one approach to using WordsEye (while it is still in beta) starting today:

  1. We are currently conducting a closed beta test.” Discuss what  “beta” means.
  2. Ask students to peruse the site: http://www.wordseye.com/ and make a judgement on the potential success of this company’s product. Would they use it?
  3. Request an access code.*
  4. Request that students, while waiting for the code, prepare cleverly crafted sentences to try when the access code is granted.
  5. Students share sentences.
  6. Class vote on the sentence they most wish to see when they site access code is available.
  7. When access is granted have students complete tutorial. Discuss the tutorial, especially “viewpoint” and “adjectives”.
  8. This will lead to students editing prepared sentences (eg including key words and phrases that help position the items ie. “next to” etc.)
  9. Students enjoy turning their carefully crafted sentences into images.
  10. Share.
  11. When the students have used the tool enough have them evaluate it and provide written or video feedback to the company.
  12. They could tweet to @wordseye too


TIP: Teachers with students under 13 could easily do all of the above from their own account using a projector or IWB. Students would still be writing carefully crafted, descriptive sentences to share with their peers via the staff account. The teacher could choose each sentence and enter into their account.

Students are highly likely to be motivated to make their writing shiny!

How would you employ this tool in class?

*Students need to be 13 years and older.

Featured image: Screenshot from https://www.wordseye.com


One Comment

    • Andrew FitzSimons

    • 9 years ago

    Suggest we have some classes give it a go.

    Could we have some become reporters for the 2016 swimming carnival. Ie create vision of the event as it unfolds.

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