Students and teachers at NSW State Schools have great opportunities to be creative with access to quality digital tools for free or greatly reduced prices.

The Adobe Creative Cloud is available for students via the BYOD Software Hub by simply registering with their student email. This will give access to all Adobe’s powerful desktop tools and the mobile apps at no cost. Students are likely to find displaying their creative work made with these tools at Adobe Portfolio convenient.

The following two-minutes video provides a good overview of what is available and how this Adobe ecosystem of creative tools allows one to move easily between phone, tablet and desktop applications.

Teachers employed by the NSW Department of Education pay just $12.25 annually to access the same tools at the Adobe Creative Cloud via their professional email address at this siteProfessional development videos and tutorials are available here for students and staff. The Adobe Education Exchange is a very place for teachers to find and share lesson ideas.

Pip Cleaves has created an attractive Adobe Spark Page that is great for helping teachers understand how their students can access the Adobe Creative Cloud. Other help can be found here.

It is also worth checking out what is new at Creative Cloud too.


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Disclosure statement: I am an Adobe Education Leader and my recent scholarship was funded by Adobe but I have used their products happily for many years and happily recommend them to educators and students with no hesitation.



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    Thank you for this very helpful blog. Keep up the great work Darcy.

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    • 6 years ago

    Darcy this is fabulous. I look forward to following your work until next we meet.

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