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My partner and I live with our two teenagers and a miniature schnauzer in sunny Kiama, NSW, Australia. I have been blogging for almost 20 years and this particular iteration has been live for 14 years now. The focus has changed, and continues to change as I find new interests to write about.

The site mostly features my research into the life and writings of George Orwell (my book, Orwell in Paris: The Making of a Writer, will be completed later this year and is receiving some good publicity and interest from fans of his work). It has also become a space to share my bibliomania and wide reading about Orwell and his context. You can browse my library at the pages above.

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Darcy Moore (May 2022)

George Orwell

I am currently writing a book about George Orwell. The provisional title is Orwell in Paris: The Making of a Writer and a 50 000 word manuscript is almost complete. You can checkout this map of locations which provides a good overview of important people and places.
During 2018, I first started to think about writing this book. For many years I had read extensively (books by and about Orwell) and amassed a large collectionSpending several weeks researching at the British Library and Orwell Archive was a treat, as was spending time with Orwell’s son, Richard Blair, on trips to Jura and Spain.
I continued to travel, research, speak and write about Orwell during 2019-20. Highlights included exploring Montparnasse in Paris, an intellectually stimulating trip to Spain where I met local experts and historians, including Nick Lloyd and Victor Pardo Lancina. It was great to hang out with Dennis Glover (after years of emailing) exploring Las Ramblas in Barcelona and the civil war trenches where Orwell fought (and almost died). Richard Blair read passages from Homage to Catalonia; which was a unique experience. Richard kindly signed my first edition of his father’s book at the Poliorama in Barcelona, where Orwell did guard duty while chain-smoking and reading Penguin paperbacks.



Sadly, COVID-19 prevented my research trip to Myanmar in January 2022 going ahead. Now, the terrible situation that continues to unfold for the people of that country makes a visit in the foreseeable future unlikely. I was particularly looking forward to exploring Moulmein and Katha.

However, I did manage to do more research and travel during June-July 2022 visiting London, Paris and Shropshire, where the young Eric Blair spent his summer holidays at Ticklerton during his teens. This trip was particularly pleasing as I spent quality time with many Orwellian friends and colleagues (as well as in the British Library, Crick Archive at Birbeck College and the Orwell Archive).



I have presented my research locally and as far afield as University College, in London (and loved giving a “George Talk“, via Zoom to The Orwell Society about my research during a lockdown). My next “George Talk“, George Orwell & Searchlight Books, is scheduled for the 18th June 2023 at 6pm UK time.

It has been particularly exciting to publish academic papers and articles on my discoveries about Orwell’s time in Paris and his experiences in Burma.

My latest peer-reviewed paper, Orwell and the Secret Intelligence Service”, was published June 2022 in George Orwell Studies. Last year, “The True Artist: Poverty, Networking and Literary Artifice” and “Orwell in Burma: The Two Erics”, were published during May and December 2021 in the same journal. I encourage you to consider subscribing to stay up to date with the latest Orwell scholarship.

Here are most of my Orwell papers, articles and posts..



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*It is possible to read many of the papers at my Academia page.