Adobe Post is a great free tool for placing text on photos and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.  Of course, this makes it useful for all kinds of social media posts and teachers may find it great for making:

• inspirational quotes
• event invites
• album covers
• email newsletter graphics
• announcement posters
• blog banners
• business graphics
• photo captions

Adobe’s advertising blurb and video gives you the idea:

Adobe Post is a fun and fast way for anyone to create beautiful social graphics. Get started in seconds with professionally designed, eye-catching templates you can tweak in simple steps. Pick a photo, add some text and apply design filters to instantly create stunning designs. Each tap gives you completely new layouts, color palettes, typography styles and photo filters—no design experience required.”

What I like is how quick and easy it is for a student to make a product using their phone or tablet. However, it is not so great that Adobe Post is only available for Apple products at the moment and Android users are left in the cold.

Here is the link for the Australian store. You can follow Adobe Post on Twitter or on Facebook and there is support here or via email:

Featured image: A quickly made Adobe Post by Darcy using the iPhone app opening screen


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  1. […] I mentioned to many of the educators and students that I have met on this study tour that Adobe’s new range of mobile apps, particularly Adobe Post and Adobe Voice, are a great way for students to represent their ideas quickly and professionally. Students very rapidly, when I showed them on my phone, saw what they could do with their own images and words. […]

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