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The Edublog Awards will undoubtedly spur many on to post more often about their learning and educational issues. I believe that students who participated, having their class or individual blogs nominated, are very likely to post with renewed enthusiasm – as will their teachers – in 2013. In fact, I’d like to see the student blogging part of the awards expanded in 2013. What categories do you suggest for schools, students and classes?

Every year there is a category of post that decry the nature of these awards, or competition in general, but more good is done than the other by Edublogs celebrating blogging and advertising their product in this way. Why not have a new category that recognises these posts from the previous year? There is no doubt the points made are excellent. It wont suit the bloggers but it is a way of including dissenting voices and critical thinkers. OK, that may be a bridge too far….but give it some thought.

Congratulations to all those who participated in blogging and voting this year. Keep up your good work and encourage more of your peers and colleagues to share their learning, expertise and enthusiasms with a larger audience in 2013. I’d like to thank the folk who read my posts and voted for my blog this year. It is highly appreciated that you have taken the time to cast a vote. Cheers. 🙂 

Keep on blogging…


The winners and runner-up in each category are listed below.

Best individual blog

The winner of the Best Individual Edublog 2012

Winner: Seomra Ranga
–Runner UpSpeech Techie – Sean Sweeney
–Runner UpFilm English – Kieran Donaghy
–Runner UpFree Technology for Teachers – Richard Byrne
–Runner UpGridjumper’s Blog

Best group blog

The winner of the Best Group Edublog 2012

Winner: Edutopia 
–Runner UpASHAsphere
–Runner UpNerdy Book Club 
–Runner UpDigital Leader Network
–Runner UpEdudemic

Best new blog

The winner of the Best New Edublog 2012

Winner: Edutech for Teachers – Jamie Forshey 
–Runner Upedcetera – Rafter Blog | straight talk on ed tech 
–Runner UpQuests and Treks – A teacher’s journey – Daniela Bunea
–Runner UpSpeech Adventures – Mary Huston
–Runner Up:  Diane Ravitch’s Blog

Best class blog

The winner of the Best Class Edublog 2012

Winner: Mrs. Yollis’ Classroom Blog 
–Runner UpFabulous 5S
–Runner Up4KM And 4KJ @ Leopold Primary School
–Runner Up3/4C & 3/4K @ UPPS
–Runner Up:  3/4C @ The Junction

Best student blog

The winner of the Best student edublog 2012

Winner: Jaden’s Awesome Blog 
–Runner UpMEAOW @ Josie’s Blog 
–Runner UpHanna B. gradstudentSLP 
–Runner UpSLP_Echo
–Runner Up:  GBM Corner

Best Ed Tech / resource sharing blog

The winner of the Best Ed Tech / resource sharing edublog

Winner: Free Technology for Teachers – Richard Byrne 
–Runner UpSpeech Techie – Sean J. Sweeney
–Runner UpEdutopia
–Runner UpPediastaff
–Runner Up:  Edukwest

Best teacher blog

The winner of the Best Teacher edublog 2012

Winner: – Caroline Bowen 
–Runner UpThe Nerdy Teacher – Nicholas Provenzano
–Runner UpCtrl Alt Teach – Catherine “Cat” Horton Flippen
–Runner UpIntegrating Technology – Kathleen Morris 
–Runner Up:  Teacher Tom

Best librarian / library blog

The winner of the Best Librarian / Library edublog 2012

Winner: Образователен блог 
–Runner UpMighty Little Librarian – Tiffany Whitehead
–Runner UpBulldog Readers – Julie Hembree
–Runner UpWatch. Connect. Read. – Mr. Schu 
–Runner Up:  The Adventures of Library Girl – Jennifer LaGarde

Best School Administrator or Principal blog

The winner of the Best School Administrator or Principal edublog 2012

Winner: Darcy Moore 
–Runner UpThe Principal of Change – George Couros
–Runner UpДетски клуб СОУЕЕ 
–Runner UpA Principal’s Reflections – Eric Sheringer 
–Runner Up:  This and That – Jon Castelhano

Most influential blog post

The winner of the Most influential blog post 2012

Winner: Jaden’s Awesome Blog – Ten things I’ve learned from blogging 
–Runner UpMrs. Yollis’ Classroom Blog – November is Family Blogging Month! 
–Runner UpLexical Linguist – Nomenclature and basic functions of Twitter (AKA Twitter 101 for SLPs and AUDs
–Runner UpTeach From the Heart – Evaluate Me, Please
–Runner Up:  Angela Maiers – 12 Things Kids Want from Their Teachers

Best individual tweeter

The winner of the Best Individual Tweeter 2012

Winner: SpeechyKeenSLP 
–Runner Upictmagic
–Runner UpRossMannell 
–Runner Upcybraryman1
–Runner Upfboss

Best Twitter hashtag

The winner of the Best Twitter Hashttag 2012

Winner: #UnfollowBullying – student-initiated, student-led anti-bullying campaign from Elk Grove USD 
–Runner Up#slpeeps  – For speech and language professionals
–Runner Up#comments4kids – way for students and teachers to find blogs to comment on and to get their own posts commented on
–Runner Up#edchat – education hashtag 
–Runner Up#ukedchat – education in UK

Best Free Web tool

The winner of the Best Free Web tool 2012

Winner: Twitter 
–Runner UpGlogster EDU 
–Runner UpDropBox
–Runner UpEdmodo 
–Runner UpPinterest

Best Podcasts

The winner of the Best Podcast 2012

–Runner UpInfinite Thinking Machine 
–Runner UpTed Talks – Education
–Runner UpNerdy Cast 
–Runner UpGeek SLP

Best Use of Video and Media

The winner of the Best Use of Video and Media  2012

Winner: Literacy Shed
–Runner UpHipHughes History 
–Runner UpMr Avery’s Class 
–Runner UpKhan Academy 
–Runner UpShelly Terrell

Best educational wiki

The winner of the Best educational wiki  2012

Winner: English Classroom
–Runner UpICTMagic 
–Runner UpDigital ID 
–Runner UpStudent Made Maths Movies

Best free and Open PD

The winner of the Best free and open PD 2012

Winner: EdWeb
–Runner UpTwitter Math Camp 
–Runner UpTeachMeets 
–Runner UpSimple K12′s Webinars 
–Runner UpEdCamps

Best Social Network for Educators

The winner of the Best Social network for educators 2012

Winner: Life Pulp 
–Runner UpEdmodo 
–Runner UpPedia Staff 
–Runner UpISTE – SIGVE 
–Runner UpThe aPLaNet Project 

Best Mobile App

The winner of the Best Mobile App 2012

Winner: Flying Books App 
–Runner UpEvernote 
–Runner UpNight Zookeeper Drawing Torch 
–Runner UpDropBox
–Runner UpFluencyFinder

Lifetime achievement

The winner of the Lifetime Achievement 2012

Winner: Tim Rylands 
–Runner UpJenny Zhu 
–Runner UpDarcy Moore 
–Runner UpAl Rogers
–Runner UpSir Ken Robinson




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    Well Done! In the same category as Sir Ken Robinson after all!

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