The Edublog Awards provides opportunity  to grow the community of edubloggers and let others know how professionally and personally important they are to us.

It also gives one a chance to update blogrolls.

I couldn’t believe that I had left some of my favourite bloggers of my roll. Apologies…and apologies to any friends, colleagues and bloggers that I leave of this next list.

Here are some of my favourite bloggers and educational thinkers; I read every one (or try) of your posts:

Alice Leung, Ben Jones, Bianca Hewes, Brendan Jones, Chris Betcher, Clarinda Brown, Dean Groom, George CourosGeorge Siemens, Greg Whitby, Kelli McGraw, Jenny Luca, Jonathan Nalder, John Connell, John Larkin, Judy O’Connell, Julian Ridden, Keith Lyons, Mark PesceMartin Pluss, Martin Weller, Michael Wesch, Mitch SquiresPip Cleaves, Simon Job, Stephen Downes, Steve Collis, Steve Wheeler, Stu Hasic, Tomaz Lasic

I still find it amazing that so many ideas, lives, educational and personal insights are shared by bloggers without them being completely aware of their importance to their readers and colleagues.

Please keep sharing…please keep blogging!

On with the show.

My nominations, an impossibly difficult but pleasant task, for 2011 are:

“Learning with E’s” is the blog that I read with more interest than any other. It is that simple. I really admire what Steve is doing and the positive, easygoing influence he exerts. His quality reflections about (digital) identity have been important to me. Thank you!
Steve just has the personality, credibility and sense of humour needed to leave a wonderful stream of tweets in his wake.
I really admire teachers who maintain excellent blogs and must say that Alice, is a one of the few (Science) Head Teachers blogging and motivating us all. I wish there were more. Thank you.
Mitch is a blogging supernova for the kids he teaches. He should be placed on a pedestal but allowed down to keep up the good work. Thank you.
Emily’s blog rocks, it truly does…and many of us could learn from the professional way she approaches her craft.
John has spent many years learning and teaching using technology and more importantly, teaching students innovatively. He is a modest man who has much to share and teach us all. Thank you, John!
When I read and commented at this post, I marvelled at how clearly Steve perceives the challenges for schools and educators, or rather, how clearly he sees potential answers. I am hoping Steve will invite me (and you) to his school one day. I hope his influence as an stunningly innovative, learning professional continues to grow. BTW I love Steve’s job title, ‘Director of Innovation’. Every school should have a Steve Collis but failing that, his job title should be ‘institutionalised’ (if the irony of that is not too much 😉 )
Simon blogs about learning in Maths. He has a plethora of skills and his blog should be read by all teachers and educrats. I love his attitude and work. That is all. He should win this year in a concerted effort for all of us to help with the renewal of Maths, for the sake of our children.
Judy helps me often and honestly. She is astute and must continue to be an important person in Australian education circles if libraries are to flourish. Thank you!
George is someone I wished lived down the road or was on my train in the morning. One day, maybe we will meet. I’d value that very highly!

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by vistamommy

Best of luck to all the nominees!
You can read my previous nomination here.


  1. I appreciate the shoutout but like your comment even more ) That would be awesome! Will be back in Australia in July. Hopefully we can meet up then!

    • Troy

    • 13 years ago

    A fewi hadn’t been to in a while, now very much a part of my professional learning coming to the close of a tough year.

      • Darcy Moore

      • 13 years ago

      Troy, it is really useful when the aggregated nomination list appears. I love how there are so many blogs one has never visited to check out, especially the teacher, students and class blogs. BTW as you probably know, I always read your narrative blog posts http://donatingamemory.wordpress.com/ …are you going to start another, PD-style blog in the New Year?

  2. Thanks mate – your endorsements mean a lot to me. Cheers! 🙂

  3. Your recommendations for the eddies are always thoughtful – I consider it very fortunate to have made your list out of all the possile choices! We really do have a wonderfully strong blogging community who share an develop ideas together. I’ve no idea how we managed without ( I CAN remember, but it all seems so long ago and archaic).

  4. Hey Darcy. I appreciate the nomination and the very encouraging comments.

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