Keep on blogging…

The Edublog Awards will undoubtedly spur many on to post more often about their learning and educational issues. I believe that students who participated, having their class or individual blogs nominated, are very likely to post with renewed enthusiasm – as will their teachers – in 2013. In fact, I’d like to see the student […]

2012 Edublog Awards: Celebrating the Best of the Web

November has been so busy and I am embarrassed to admit that, for the first time in 5 years, I completely missed nominating bloggers for the 2012 Edublog Awards. My most sincere apologies to all my blogging buddies and online colleagues who I would have loved to nominate. Next year. Reading blogs really is a professional and […]

My Edublog Award Nominations for 2011

The Edublog Awards provides opportunity  to grow the community of edubloggers and let others know how professionally and personally important they are to us. It also gives one a chance to update blogrolls. I couldn’t believe that I had left some of my favourite bloggers of my roll. Apologies…and apologies to any friends, colleagues and bloggers […]