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November has been so busy and I am embarrassed to admit that, for the first time in 5 years, I completely missed nominating bloggers for the 2012 Edublog Awards. My most sincere apologies to all my blogging buddies and online colleagues who I would have loved to nominate. Next year.

Reading blogs really is a professional and personal pleasure. These awards, occasionally criticised for a number of reasons, some of them fair, are still a catalyst for bringing us together and sharing ideas with other edubloggers. It is a great opportunity to grow the community of people who care about the education of our children and the importance of learning in our societies. I’d like to briefly celebrate a few nominees, especially some student and class blogs, amongst the awesome list of bloggers nominated, to bring them to your attention.

Kids blogs are heartwarming and often, extremely professional. Michael Sky, a primary school teacher colleague, is justifiably proud of the work of his student who runs, Matt’s Magnificent BlogThis student has only been blogging for a term but is getting the hang of it pretty quickly. How exciting for him that he has been nominated. I can see that young Matt is clearly a cricket fan. Mitch Squires, who regularly has his class and students’ blogs having good success, has been nominated for the Fabulous 5S. It great to see that Nathan MacGregor is ‘doing things differently’ with Mr Mac’s Blog Thing and has been nominated in the ‘New Blogs’ category. Another colleague, Laura Chaffey, is very excited for her 3/4C @The Junction bloggers, who have been nominated for an ‘Eddie’ in the ‘Best Class” blogs category. The kids are understandably very excited. Laura describes her class as being:

filled with enthusiastic students who love a challenge. The blog is simply a way for us to share what’s happening in the classroom with those unable to be here with us. We love creating and especially utilising the iPads to design and create awesome movies, videos, artworks, ebooks and more!

My friend Bianca Hewes is deservedly nominated in two categories – “Best Teacher Blog” and “Most Influential Post” – and I really hope you vote for her. Bianca blogs from the heart and her brain makes for insights worth reading and sharing. I look forward to reading her posts next year.

I have been nominated in the “Best Administrator” and embarrassingly, in the “Lifetime Achievement” categories (I’m far too young ;)). Thanks for your nominations friends and colleagues.

If you have the time or inclination, spend a few minutes voting for people who take the time to reflect about, dream and share their professional ideas.


Here is the Google doc of all the nominees or scroll through and check out my fav categories below.

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