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Life in 100 Words is an idea gleaned from Solid Gold Creativity:

The magazine, Marie Claire, recently featured a series to mark the centenary of International Women’s Day. It asked “10 women, 10 years apart, to offer their life story in 100 words.”

I will try this idea with students in the future but would really love you to respond with your own blog post or take the time to comment, telling us about your good self in exactly 100 words. It is harder than it looks.

Born in Sydney. Adopted as a baby, spent my first seven years in Tamworth. Moved to the coast. Met Anthony who knew about art, books and Doctor Who. Obsessed with cricket, history and dinosaurs. Moved again, third primary school. High school needs another 100 words. University needs many more. Reading obsessively, writing bad poetry. Teaching was an unexpected and important answer that keeps leading to more questions. India and London and India again. Sydney. Met Kate. Love changed for the better. Internet. Blue Mountains, mortgage and professionalism. Kids. People said they looked like me. Kiama. Community. Blogging. Photography. Family. Peace.

Marc Chagall


  1. Lovely : ) Laughed at “High school needs another 100 words. University needs many more”, and didn’t know you were adopted.
    Thank you for sharing this insight into your life Darcy. Might give it a go myself when the hectic pace fo the coming week leaves me.
    Jenny : )

    • Renee G

    • 13 years ago

    That is such a terrific idea! I love this – will definitely be placing this on Year 11 Blog and looking forward to what they come up with. Also looking forward to limiting myself to 100 words!!!


  2. What a great challenge! Beautiful summary Darcy but I’m sure there’s so much more!!
    I’ll try this soon & with my students! Thanks for sharing & inspiring.
    P.S. How come you read Marie Claire? Ha ha!

    • Lizzie

    • 13 years ago

    Darcy, that was lovely. Born in England, my mother was Australian, eldest of four children. Moved to Australia at age 11 after dad died. Made lifelong friends in high school. Loved to read, sing, talk with friends, listen to music and look at paintings. My lovely brother Michael died after a bicycle accident at 18, when I was 19. Bachelor of Arts, studying languages. Met the gorgeous Ernie, had 3 children, Pete, John and Anna. Teaching in Western Sydney has been rewarding, am now a PSP consultant. I love my work. It’s still all about family, friends, books, the arts.

    • Renee G

    • 13 years ago

    Born in Kogarah. Grew up in Campbelltown, moved to Stanwell Park, Bliss! Dean was born. He has red hair. Started kindergarten, loved my teacher. Got very tall. Made the move to primary school. Didn’t enjoy classmates. Moved schools. Fell in love with Drama, Choir and a boy named Phillip. Started high school. English Teachers by the name of Kosky and Shaw; determined I would teach like them. HSC. Breathe. Uni. Turned 21 and embraced Europe. Life. Finished uni – breathe. First Job. Moved out of home. Renting, friends and fun. Mortgage. Poor. Job satisfaction. Dad ☹. Regenerating. Itchy feet.

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  4. Hi Darcy. Love your story! Esp “Teaching was an unexpected and important answer that keeps leading to more questions” and “Love changed for the better.” And Marc Chagall … none sweeter. My greetings to the lovely Kiama SGCx

    • Elaine

    • 13 years ago

    Challenging ,entertainig. A french colleague told me that his teacher used to have students start with a summary ,reduce,reduce reduce again .The ultimate challenge being to encapsulate in one word.This was done with literary texts but why not people places ….whatever.

    • Carla .S

    • 13 years ago

    Born into a family with 150 years of farming heritage, I was a “drought breaker “baby. My sister and I found divorce changed “home”; always moving between Warialda and Tamworth. We adored Mum; she instilled a love of books and learning. Great teachers inspired me at school and despite change close friendships grew. Teaching: last minute change of career path. I never looked back. Mentors in PNG and Auckland shaped me professionally. I returned home a decade later to reinvent my career, meet the love of my life and his two beautiful children. Life is learning, laughter, family and change.

    Cheers for the challenge Darcy.

  5. This is a great idea and could be adapted in many ways.Will pass it on to the English teachers and hope they (or some) might take up the challenge

    • Ruth

    • 13 years ago

    Here’s mine, i’m naturally concise, but it was still a challenge. Interesting what people choose to include. Thanks for the prompt to do it.
    Born in Clyde, New Zealand, grew up in Christchurch, call it home. Lived 2 years in Tokyo, 5 in Wellington, 1 in Nelson, back in Christchurch. Master of Arts in Japanese. Introvert, semi-vegetarian, was Christian, now uncertain. A few close friends, some for decades. Love classical music, cats, chocolate, books, women, South Island. Libraries and computers are my work. Mark the stages of my life by significant relationships. Just beginning a new stage, not sure what it is. Learning to lighten up and live in the moment. The older i get, the less i know.

  6. I like this idea Darcy. I will give it a go and share soon!

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    • tony coleman

    • 13 years ago

    Great idea Darcy. I will use this with my 10H6 class to encourage them to write. Here is my attempt.

    Born in Scotland. Came to Australia in 1966. Lived in Sydney. Loved sports – especially soccer. Loved High School. Great teachers. Inspired me to become one. Lots of sport and study. First taught in Goulburn – great mentors (lots of fun and learning). Became the DP’s right hand man. From then on I wanted to become a DP. Met Kimberley moved to the coast. Became a father – learning intensified. Worked at Nowra High, met Glen. Enjoyed completing a Masters’ Degree. Became Glen’s DP at OFHS. Bought house in Bangalee. I now work with Col & Jeff. Teaching continues to effect me profoundly.

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  9. Loved this concept and will definitely be using it with my students. Here is my first go at summing up my life so far…

    Born in Wagga, started school and fell in love with words. Moved to Cromer in Sydney where I learnt about city attitudes to bush kids. Fell in love with TS Eliot and vowed to never measure out my life with coffee spoons. Macquarie Uni before heading west, again, for first teaching post at Hillston. I have never lost my love of teaching and learning and along the way I have been director, a poet, and hopefully, a good friend. Found love among the vines in Mildura and now live in Coffs Harbour with Rex and daughter Sophie, still doing what I love.

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