“The Red Room Company works in partnership with schools, teachers and poets to put the playfulness back into poetry. One school which has particularly embraced creativity through these projects is Dapto High School.” LIFE MATTERS

I had a fun start to the last week of term today being interviewed on Radio National by Natasha Mitchell about our partnership with The Red Room CompanyTamryn Bennett and L-FRESH THE LION were also on Life Matters as part of this discussion about creativity, poetry and education.  It was a rare treat to be on the radio and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience to discuss what’s happening at our school.

You can listen to the 15-minute interview here.

Tamryn was promoting a great new project (that our school will participate in next term) during the interview and you really should consider exploring it at your school. Poetry Object is a free national poetry-writing competition for Australian students in Years 3-10. Created by The Red Room Company, the project invites young writers and their teachers to submit poems about objects that are special to them.  

I highly recommend that you register your school here after downloading the resources.

Here are my Red Room Company blog posts in case you would like to know more about what the company offer schools. You may wish to follow @natashamitchell the @RedRoomCompany @LFRESHTHELION and @RNLifeMatters on Twitter too.

Featured image: creative commons licensed (BY-NC-SA) flickr photo by Darcy Moore:


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    Well Done Darcy

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