Our School, The Red Room Company & Life Matters

“The Red Room Company works in partnership with schools, teachers and poets to put the playfulness back into poetry. One school which has particularly embraced creativity through these projects is Dapto High School.” LIFE MATTERS I had a fun start to the last week of term today being interviewed on Radio National by Natasha Mitchell about our partnership with […]

Luka Lesson & The Red Room Company

“I’ll close my eyes and admire the quality of the silence I’ll write rhymes in my mind honestly and define them Solidly redefine and memorise them Until like a diamond when I come out I’ll be better than when I arrived in”                           […]

Poetry and The Red Room Company (at our school)

The Red Room Company created a quality learning experience for our students this month with the first two of an ongoing series of workshops. The ‘quality’ and ‘experience’ really does need to be emphasised as the pedagogy employed by our poets – Candy, Lorin and Tamryn – was superbly physical, reflective and high energy, engaging […]

Poetry and The Red Room Company

The Red Room Company’s national poetry education program transforms the way poetry is taught in Australian schools and learning institutions by bringing young and emerging poets into classrooms across the country to run practical writing workshops. During the workshops, poets inspire students to develop read, listen, compose and perform their own poetry, which simultaneously enriches […]