I jokingly said to @pipcleaves that my blog will receive some attention these holidays due to the large number of work/school tasks needing to be completed. A new theme, page and header, a couple of posts, maybe a some photography photoshopped was all one had in mind. I certainly had no intention of actually moving away from my WordPress.com blog to a self-hosted WordPress.org one which has happened relatively quickly in the last couple of days.

Increasingly, it was frustrating to have the security limitations at my blog, explained here, prevent the embedding of some code, especially in widgets. WordPress, established in 2003, certainly was the only choice of platform, especially as I was nervy about exporting my content successfully. BTW do you realise that WordPress.com has only really been around since the beginning of 2006?

There were a number of issues discussed via twitter with assistance rendered from many, including @adrianbruce @davidhopkins @kelrob @schel @simonjob @themolisticview @louwinsr @conorpegypt @stujohnson @kerryjcom  and @pryorcommitment, who is always so generous with his time and resources.

I really was not certain about how to keep my domain name, darcymoore.net and working out where to host my blog took some time and tweeting. I haven’t thought about FTP clients since first being online in the 90s. 

Bluehost has been great so far and providing a 24/7 live chat function, which allowed me to speak with a techie, re: all of the above at point of need was reassuring. It really didn’t take too long to get operational and they were helpful in allowing me to feel comfortable before assuming my domain name.

There are a few differences with using WordPress 3.0 than what I am used too, but learning about the template, provided by Organic Themes, is making me keen to understand some rudimentary CSS. Plugins have taken a while to install and I still have a few challenges with API keys, wonky embedded code and the like, but basically, the blog is up and at my domain. I need to have the header cover the width of the blog too but am struggling with the CSS required (and need a sleep after the World Cup excitement with Spain and Germany last night). The rotation of images under the header will follow that rather than the static tagxedo word cloud displayed at the moment.

‘What do you think?’ was a post a couple of days ago seeking feedback to some changes to my ‘old blog’ so, here, once again, is a poll on my ‘new blog’.

What do you think?





    • Imelda Judge

    • 13 years ago

    Lol! It may well eat away your time but its pretty cool! I am interested in archiving my Ning blog ( been quiet on it for ages since I heard they were asking for money!!) and moving to something better. This may be it! But it looks sooooo complex….I love the widgets and the ability to personalise it so much more than others.Shelfari is neat! How long did it take you? If you found it hard I am wondering how I will fair!

      • Darcy Moore

      • 13 years ago

      Hello Imelda,

      I suspect you are correct about time. Not sure how to archive a ning site but can say shelfari is easy peasy to establish.

  1. hehehe…time. what fool speaks of time here?

    I think it is a natural evolution. We use our blogs as a reflective tool, and when the interface no longer satisfies how we are trying to organise or project our ideas, the itch to move sets in.

    Plus, learning CSS is fun, and powerful. I learned a wee bit after joining MySpace. But the ready-to-go wordpress.com blog is still flexible enough for me (and it will be for you Imelda! no need to learn CSS!), as my focus is still on writing posts, and tagging/linking them in meaningful ways. Once I am happy with how I do this…who knows!

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