I have changed the look of my blog and am seeking some feedback.

I really like a number of features available from this new theme:

  • The extra sidebars available – top, bottom, left and right – give some good options
  • The most recent post being highlighted (although this seems to be currently not working properly)
  • The clean, crisp look

My four major concerns:

  • I tend to use Vodpod to post videos and this new design results in the user having to click on the post title to see the video;
  • Also, I am not certain that the highlighted, latest post at the top of the page is displaying the video, in fact, there seems to be a glitch and no text is displayed;
  • Finally, the widgets, in my left and right sidebars, are too numerous and unbalance the page
  • The lefthand sidebar disappears when looking at a post and can only be seen when clicking on ‘home’

What do you think (assume the top blank space will be fixed)? Here’s the poll:



    • Jan

    • 13 years ago

    I think its great to have a change every so often. I like the layout of the new blog. But, there is a big blank highlighted box at the top. Not sure what that’s about? Jan

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  2. I agree that is it nice and crisp, and I like that feeling.
    Three column themes always seem magazine-y to me…I confess I’m not their biggest fan when the blog only has a single author. But it does save having to scroll down and down and down and down to see all the widgets.

    I have no problem with the LHS column disappearing once you go into a post. Personally I like getting the extra screen space to read the post, and if I’ve decided I want to read something it is helpful to have more focus for my attention.

    Two things I don’t like is that the date of posting doesn’t appear with your post ‘teaser’ on the home page, and that your blog no longer seems to ‘recognise’ me – I had to type in my details to comment, even though I’m logged into my wordpress blog.

    Two things I like best are the way an image can be posted as a kind of header for each post on the the home page – I like the visual ‘hook’ – and the totally cloudy tag cloud you have going on in the header. Sexy!

      • Darcy Moore

      • 13 years ago

      Thanks Kelli,

      I have a few things to work out, for example:

      – the ‘next page’ button so people can look at older posts
      – I am uncertain why you had to ‘log in again’. For example, Try posted without having to do os. If you post a comment again and the same thing happens I will investigate
      – still not happy with my header
      – had not noticed the date thing; will have a look

      I also like how the left hand sidebar disappears. One person told she did not like how the posts are not fully displayed and one has to click on the title to see it. Your thoughts on that?

      1. I think the ‘teaser’ method has pros and cons. Having to click through to see the whole post is only a pain if you are checking to see how long it is, and if you have time read it 😉 But it also means that the reader can see all the recent posts at a glance, and not have to scroll forever down, which others will really like. What do YOU prefer?

        This is part of the magazine feel, I think. Your home page is really like a front page. You have to ‘open it’ to read the article. Personally, I’m a happy scroller, but I also tend to check your blog via Google Reader, and I assume the full post will still be sent there (?)

        Oh, and the comment fields auto-filled this time. Not based on my wordpress though, just based on the info I put in last time. No biggie IMO.

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