Mike Fisher created this visual representation of Bloom’s taxonomy as a discussion starter.

Visual representation of 21st century Bloom's taxonomy
Visual representation of 21st century Bloom's taxonomy

What tools do you use? Which should be investigated?

I’ve never tried VoiceThread even though I have had the opportunity to do so several times. I am uncertain as to why it did not capture my imagination; many of the other tools in the diagram above certainly have.

What makes us take some up and leave other tools on the bench?




    • kellimcgraw

    • 15 years ago

    For me it is a mixture of accessibility at school and level of competency required to use the technology. I love Voicethread, and have tried to use it a few times with classes. The first problem is that it’s blocked through the DET portal, so kids can only access it at home; the second problem is that students need to have a microphone for it to really be fun (the text messages are dull), and students sometimes cannot troubleshoot microphone/volume etc. problems, even if they do have the right equipment.

    I love the visual rep! Interesting that Google Docs is in analysing and not creating, but I guess many of those tools would overlap categories depending on context. A great starting point for discussion with teachers about web 2.0 and pedagogy.

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