…the plan is to add more services you can choose from in the next weeks and months…*

Sue Waters and Richard Byrne recently posted about alternatives to the much-loved Google Reader for RSS feeds.  I am slowly exploring options but do, realistically, have limited time to evaluate all that is on offer. I have been sitting back, not paying that much attention, waiting for answers to emerge. Finding the best solution is very important for my daily routines and time is running out. 


Workflow and RSS

Reeder has been my preferred option for reading RSS feeds on my Macbook, iPad and iPhone for some years now. I would like to continue using this tool, if the developers manage to get it right in a post-Google Reader world. Reeder is just a beautiful app. I have a system that allows my to use my iPhone, whenever I have a few minutes somewhere waiting or am in transit on a train, that really allows me to read a great deal of the latest and greatest information online. I am able to post at app.net, email, tweet or send to Facebook with great ease.

Reeder’s plans are not completely evident yet other than the service will continue. I do really want to continue with Reeder but will change to one of the other services if they do not sort it out quickly. They have announced Feedbin support for iPhone but I baulk at paying the small monthly subscription fee for a previously free service and am unlikely to pursue this option.

NB Reeder for Mac and Reeder for iPad is ‘free’ until the update (I guess) and is worth downloading now, even though the future of the app is unclear. Follow @reederapp on Twitter for updates.

Reeder has plans for a post-Google Reader world
Reeder has plans for a post-Google Reader world

Alternative RSS Readers

It seems that many will move to the popular (and long-running) Feedly service and this, if I am unable to continue with Reeder, seems the most likely option for me too for the simple reason that I can use easily across my devices, as I currently do. There is a nice extension for Chrome and an Australian developer is working on a Macbook solution.

I have started exploring The Old Reader (imported 694 feeds) but notice a few issues, especially that ‘showing unread’ does not seem to work properly, as more often than not all posts are revealed. This is very annoying and, when compared to the efficient beauty of Reeder, just not acceptable. I already use Pulse on my iPad only with specific feeds about Apple, photography, technology mags and science. I much prefer it to Flipboard but do enjoy flicking through its magazine like layout. I would not use either for my main reader.

Here’s a post with quite a few other Google Reader alternatives.

*A quote from Reeder opens this post. I truly hope the plan comes together quite quickly.

What are your plans for managing RSS feeds?

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    • Amber

    • 11 years ago

    I really like Feedly on my iPad and iPhone. I use http://eldonreader.com currently on my laptop but I still don’t know which one will be my last choice. Still waiting for google reader to definitely shut down.

  1. I’m just continuing to use Google Reader, I guess hoping they won’t shut it down!

    • Jamie Bishop

    • 11 years ago

    There cannot be much value in those 694 feeds if you cannot come at paying $2 a month for a reliable service . I also wouldn’t count on any of the free services lasting . Feedly for instance will surely have a paid tier before all this settles down- http://www.the-digital-reader.com/2013/05/15/feedly-is-now-polling-users-about-a-premium-service/#.UZjQ1MsayK0

      • Darcy Moore

      • 11 years ago

      Thanks for your comment, Jamie. As I said, the Reeder apps are inexpensive and I wish to continue using them. Paying a monthly fee, in my experience, does not necessarily equate with quality but yes, a good service is essential.

      BTW I was sent an invitation to this beta RSS service which may be worth check out: http://multiplx.com/home.html

  2. It would be interesting to see if the end of Google Reader will actually stimulate innovation in RSS services and allow more smaller players to enter the market.

  3. Hey Darcy,
    I’m a Chrome toting Windows laptop, Windows desktop, iPhone and iPad user, so Feedly does the job for me.

  4. Maybe this says more about the nature of information and our ability to access it than anything else. I haven’t used a news reader for some time.

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