Google Earth

Are you using Google Earth?

Which subject? How are you using it? Anyone exploring ethical questions about data collection with their students?

The potential for students learning in an integrated, holistic manner using Google Earth are extant. I have no hard data – and would love for the following assertion to be successfully challenged – but it seems that Google Earth is under-utilised in Australian schools. Many of you would be aware that the DERNSW Lenovo laptops have this tool pre-loaded which means that, as of 2011, Y9-11 students in state schools have access.

Have you explored Historical Imagery? This is a Google product that allows users ‘to travel back in time’ to see changes in the landscape. Here’s a brief video explanation of how to use Historical Imagery:

This tutorial explains the basics of viewing historical imagery within Google Earth.  Also, here is some WWII imagery.

Read more about the recent release of Google Earth 6 and at wikipedia.



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    • TIm

    • 13 years ago

    I’m out of the classroom coordinating DER NSW Professional Learning in one region. We’ll be integrating it into Head Teacher training where suitable for certain KLAs. We’ll be lookng at it definitely for HSIE (History included) and thinking of other KLAS. I’ve seen a Science Head Teacher using it to explore natural phenomena – actually she gets the students to explore it with great student centred activities.

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