Our Urgent Need for an Ethical Education

What ought one to do?      Socrates I do not believe in immortality of the individual, and I consider ethics to be an exclusively human concern with no superhuman authority behind it.      Albert Einstein A quiet conscience makes one strong!      Anne Frank Do you believe Australia has great need of […]

Ethics, Gaming and Problematic Knowledge

From a teacher’s perspective, the Quality Teaching Framework is an important professional document supporting learning in NSW schools. At a glance, for readers unfamiliar with the QTF framework, here’s an overview: I’d like to relate a recent and ongoing class conversation, related to the element of ‘problematic knowledge’, raised in dialogue with some experts Year 10 engaged […]

Using Google Earth?

Are you using Google Earth? Which subject? How are you using it? Anyone exploring ethical questions about data collection with their students? The potential for students learning in an integrated, holistic manner using Google Earth are extant. I have no hard data – and would love for the following assertion to be successfully challenged – but […]

Code of Conduct

The NSW DET Code of Conduct  was updated and took effect last week. The changes are sensible and staff at school have been briefed.                                           page 16 of the NSW DET Code of Conduct   The major additions relate to social media and are not draconian like those announced in Queensland last year that Kelli wrote about […]

5 Minds for the Future

I managed to read Howard Gardner’s most recent book, 5 Minds for the Future these holidays and think it a useful tract. I enjoyed the book. It would be rare that an educator did not know Gardner’s contested work on multiple intelligences and to have made use of it in their classroom. He opens his book suggesting that […]