Cost shock puts school PCs at risk in the SMH today is another example of common knowledge being reported as if it is news. Staff are quite rightly concerned about what it all means and even the enthusiasts will be ‘worried’ shortly considering some of the events that have been in the news recently re: our Minister that will not assist the Government to implement change effectively.

The same party is in power from coast to coast and one would hope this may lead to some successful policy implementation. We desperately need innovation and Education to be funded properly; all this dithering is frustrating as much as it is predictable. How long does it take to get one connected classroom into each school after an election promise. I guess we can check when the 4 years is up as to how successful but another generation will have pretty much made their journey through school with the same chalkboard as their folks and grandparents.

Schools would have been better off if we had received the Federal money and had been allowed to spend it on infrastructure as well as computers. Personally, I’d settle for a properly constructed timeline so the school could plan effectively.




    • Paul Ryan

    • 16 years ago

    Hi Darcy,
    I agree. It’s great to get the laptops, but we do need money for more professsional development and the necessary infrustructure. I’m on the technology committee here and we’re grapling with this problem.
    Paul Ryan

    • darcymoore

    • 16 years ago

    Us too, Paul. We resent the lack of certainty and a timeline more than anything else. We cannot even plan DIY PD at the moment as we do not know what exactly we will be provided with from DET.

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