commenced with some Professional Development courtesy of on the Digital Revolution. Mark Pesce gave a great keynote that was uploaded to his blog that day. Joined a number of networking sites this week – all I already knew about but had not gotten around to joining – as a result, being one and twitter, digg and in quick succession. Also, finally sucuumbed to the emails about joining facebook – do I really have time?

The metaphor that resounded at the seminar was that of Building Airplanes (scroll down), while they’re flying. The challenge is real and when I look at where my time is spent at work it is more on welfare and discipline issues then any other endeavour; often the entire day is devoted to dealing with unpleasant and anti-social activities.

Sent out a number of sites and ideas to staff at work. I really think DAILYLIT could be of great use with students. Some other ideas for the week: Alice, Scratch and Celtx, which has been installed on all our computers.

I’ve almost finished a unit – with help from Prue Greene – for the new HSC Prescriptions list on The Global Village, using Wikipedia as the prescribed text. YouTube, the iTunes software and OhmyNews feature as exemplar related materials. Pity I am unlikely to teach it for the next couple of years.



    • kelli

    • 16 years ago

    I can’t wait to see the Wikipedia unit – please send me a copy when it’s done? We won’t be teaching it anytime soon unfortunately 🙁 but I am *really* interested to hear who will be and how it goes. If I can get a good news story, I may be able to persuade my HT for 2010…

    The social networking sites you have joined will no doubt suck in most of your time foe a few weeks 🙂 But what fun you will have! Then, like all things, it will balance out. I’m addicted to my teaching blogs these days, so less time for Facebook.

    Am interested to hear if your students find (and add) you as a friend…

    • darcymoore

    • 16 years ago


    I started the Wikipedia article a while ago now and already it feels dated. Not dated but the wheel is turning so quickly I can think of other ways of going about it. Please send me your most recent and current education blog(s). also, are you linked to Technorati?

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