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Does your school hold authentically democratic elections?

The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) is conducting our school elections for the first time in 2014 as our ‘Nurturing Democracy’ program continues into its third year.

Students from Year 7-11 will experience the same voting protocols that their parents recently followed at the 2013 federal election. Students will votes for representative in their own years. School captains and prefects will be elected by senior students. Students will number their ballots as we adhere to Australia’s preferential voting system.

Students seeking captaincy or prefect positions address the whole school and then the executive about their ideas and worthiness to be a representatives. They also suggest what area of school life they may be able to serve well. For a number of years our school has has prefects responsible for different portfolios. These vary from year to year but usually include creative and performing arts, Aboriginal and sport portfolios. There are also prefects who are attached to the younger year groups. This will continue.

The Student Representative Council (SRC) will conduct the elections, operating as officials, ensuring the process is a smooth one. Next term the AEC meet with the SRC to organise the protocols formally. This will provide our student leaders with an valuable experience into the electoral processes of our democracy.

You can find out more here about having the AEC help at your school or register online to download the DIY resources.

What does your school do to democratically elect student representatives?


Featured image: courtesy of the ‘Get Voting’ AEC website.


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