“…is a new education website for Australia, packed with 100s of videos, audio clips and games. Totally free to watch and play at home and in school.”

ABC Splash, a potentially very exciting resource to “help you teach and plan for the Australian Curriculum“, launched yesterday. Annabel Astbury, the Head of Digital Education at the ABC, explains more about the national broadcaster’s foray into providing an online education portal for students, parents and teachers:

ABC Splash will become your go-to place for cutting-edge, world class digital learning experiences. You will find immersive 3D worlds, unique learning events plus 100s of new video and audio clips, interactives and more.

Annabel can pick “the best from the ABC archives and contemporary shows” to help teachers plan for the Australian Curriculum. I love how ABC Splash is encouraging readers to contact if you have any ‘special requests’. Think of all those moments in our shared history that have been screened by the ABC. What a wonderful opportunity for students to learn in partnership with the ABC, a veritable, and I don’t think I am laying it on too thick, treasure trove of our culture. Here’s the email contact address if have such a request: splash@abc.net.au 

I recommend you read Judy O’Connell’s post about the launch as well as follow ABC Splash and Annabel on Twitter.

Here’s my own small contribution to ABC Splash, for parents, about making a successful transition to high school.

Featured image: screenshot of the ABC Splash logo


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