Michael Wesch has been such an important educational thinker and innovator for so many of us in recent years. Here is his ‘Rethinking Education’ video recently posted on his YouTube channel which is a must subscribe to space.

You can submit entries for @mwesch‘s next video here. This is an remix of the submissions so far:



  1. Always a pleasure to see some more Wesch – thanks! This might be pertinent to show in my English Curriculum class. The significance of the printing press, and now of the internet, in sharing knowledge through language is astounding; I’d love to draw more connections to the social/political role of recording and distributing information in my unit. Turning and Wesch-esque ethnographic lens on English curriculum 🙂

  2. He’d be happy if his students took a look at their career paths and just kinda shifted them 5 degrees. That’s a good way of putting it.

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