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The ABC Teacher Forum held at the Ultimo studios today was an opportunity to explore the process and reality of reporting the news. We had a quick tour of the studios before enjoying the 2-hour forum.

Antony Green was appearing on ABC 24 as we looked on

The panel of ABC staff: Simon Palan, Sue Stephenson, Anne Maria Nicholson  and especially Walkley Award winning journalist Tim Palmer, spoke insightfully and answered questions intelligently about their respective roads to working at the ABC, roles at our National Broadcaster and thoughts on the nature of news and current affairs in our hyper-connected age.

Some of the themes that emerged included:

–          The challenges of the 24/7 news cycle

–          Interpretating the events of the day when analysis must be made so quickly without, perhaps, full context

–          The challenges of maintaining the integrity of the ABC online services in this climate

–          The rise of social media and the challenges for ABC staff

–          The challenge of bias and objectivity for the ABC and reporters/broadcasters generally

–          How students should approach a career in journalism

Here’s the hashtag of some of my tweets and some teaching resource will appear here shortly.


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  1. Sounds good, I think the news is a huge source for teaching material it would have been great to see behind the scenes.

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