Tim Kastelle posted this video talk by Jeremy Rifkin which I repost here and am sure you will enjoy.

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I like the point Tim’s emphasises, that when, “you develop…deep connections with the people you serve, the ideas that you give them are more likely to spread. We are naturally empathic.”

Relationships with students and colleagues are important for a range of very human reasons. Increasingly neuroscience is revealing, what we already know, that we are softwired to belong.

‘Empathy is the invisible hand’ which allows us to civilise and develop.

When we observe someone else have a feeling, it spreads. We empathise. We imitate what we experience. This can be a positive or negative thing.

Listen closely to the last-minute of this video. The message, we need to rethink the human narrative and how that has led to the evolution of our institutions and ideas on parenting, education and potential.

We need to think as an extended family.

Your thoughts? How could our students and colleagues benefit from this thinking?



  1. Environmental issues and the need for collective action would be one reason why we humans need to think more like an ‘extended family’.

    This morning, the news that Norway has supported Indonesia financially in deal that places a 2-year moratorium on logging seems to be an example of the ‘extended family’ attitude mentioned in this post.

    From the ABC Just In site:

    “The Norwegian aid to Indonesia will come out of the three billion kroner ($555 million) that the country puts aside every year to fight deforestation around the world.

    Norway, which owes its prosperity to its vast oil and gas reserves, has already signed similar agreements with Brazil and Guyana.”

  2. My feelings are in accord. The concept of service is core to my being. At the end of every day no matter what has eventuated I have a reflection question “Did you put a book in the hands of a child?” In education I want to see every child as part of a continuum of my own journey. I want to feel my service to others will bestow grace upon all who walk by my side. Tonight I am content that today I fulfilled my purpose.

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