Spooks Code 9 is a new BBC drama set in 2013 after a nuclear bomb explodes at the London Olympics. The program has some interesting digital marketing ideas. You can:

  • watch the first 10 minutes of each episode online before it screens
  • be updated at Liberty News, a fictional online news site that invites viewers to enter this post-nuclear world where civil liberties have completely changed. Seconds after events happen in the show, the Liberty News website updates with breaking news stories containing extra information, photos and videos
  • follow these news updates on Twitter
  • investigate maps of the ruins of London
  • check out FaceSpook to upload your photo and be added to a story

The potential for this kind of narrative – and marketing – is great and many students could work creatively exploring such concepts. I look forward to watching the show.


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    • darcymoore

    • 15 years ago

    Oh…maybe I shouldn’t get too excited about watching this:

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