ClickView and IWB Professional Development

Six of us from DHS attended professional development at TIGS this afternoon on using IWBs. ClickView was in evidence and the classroom teacher who gave us a demo was a fan of this video library. It is essential the school budgets for this next year IMHO. Some more IWB links of interest:

Education revolution worries everyone apparently

Cost shock puts school PCs at risk in the SMH today is another example of common knowledge being reported as if it is news. Staff are quite rightly concerned about what it all means and even the enthusiasts will be ‘worried’ shortly considering some of the events that have been in the news recently re: our Minister that will […]

Education revolution

An article in The Australian, Education revolution worries teachers makes for interesting reading. Read it for yourself, but the statistic claiming only 27% of teachers – ‘…believed the internet was transforming the way they engaged their students…’ would be of fundamental concern. I would like to see the survey to understand exactly what was asked. And Greg Black’s […]

Journalism in the Digital Age

Howard Rheingold’s vlog has some interesting videos. Here’s one that asks the question, “What do journalism students need to know in the digital era?” [vodpod id=ExternalVideo.606073&w=425&h=350&fv=] more about “Journalism in the Digital Age“, posted with vodpod  

Online video stats

For many youths, ‘entertainment and socialisation blend seamlessly’ and stats published this month show YouTube reached ‘4.1 million kids 2-11 and 8.9 million teens 12-17. That’s more than 5 million more teens than the No. 2 video destination, MySpace.’


Ironically, I wrote Boys and their Electronic Toys: Pleasure and Becoming Multiliterate (p67-72) published in mETAphor and SCAN, just after I gave up playing video games. Having a new baby, house and job demanded that I uninstalled European Battleground and the Total War franchise. My copy of WoW provided me with a free month subscription then […]

Interactive Whiteboards (IWBs)

DET has purchased an enterprise license for Promethean’s ACTIVstudio as the IWB Lesson Creation Software tool. Here are some links for TPL using IWBs:


The revolution is being televised: and it will be wonderful. We have an opportunity now to really start to innovate and re-position schools as relevant 21st century educational institutions. The challenges are extant but it is going to be exciting; the glass is half-full. View some laptop lessons.

Annotations feature at YouTube and more on Twitter

The annotations feature now available at YouTube has been used to make this interactive card trick. I’d love to hear any ideas on how this can be used with classes. Neither video can be embedded into vodpod, unfortunately, hence the links. Also, keen to hear how Twitter can be used with classes (I have posted […]