"It doesn't take a lot of time to change…"

“It doesn’t take a lot of time to change … to reinvent … or to redesign. No, it doesn’t take time; it takes will. The will to change. The will to take a risk. The will to become incompetent – at least for a while.”

Seth Godin



  1. Paula Madigan:

    Love this quote! It is so true. Change is about commitment, a desire to do things differently – not time. It is also about getting out of your comfort zone, at least for a short time, and admitting you don’t know all the answers – just that you are willing to seek out answers.

    We ask it of our students every day, but so many of us as teachers are unwilling to consistently model a willingness to do things differently, to be flexible. Flexibility in style, content, tools etc.

  2. Troy:

    The will to change. The will to take a risk.
    Learning is a risk! Well it should be…

  3. tony coleman:

    To change is to learn, I agree that our students are better equipped to learn than our teachers. However the learning journey from the known to the unknown is more challenging for our teachers than our students therefore our teachers need greater support to accompliksh this transition than our students.

  4. darcymoore:

    …I find most of my emotional energy is spent dealing with the challenge of adults not welcoming change…it is the greatest of challenges. I think it is partly to do with ‘the factory’ nature of schooling and ‘conditioning’…it is complex.

    If only some insightful quotes were enough ;O)

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