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Sir Ken Robinson‘s narrative about education is a powerful reading of the institutions at the heart of our societies. It is ‘a reading’ difficult to dispute. 

RSA Animate have made this particular paradigm understandable to all with a brilliantly constructed series of drawings. You can see the whole series of RSA animations here.

Please, if you are a student, parent or teacher, in fact, everyone, watch this 11-minute video.



    • Janice Creenaune

    • 13 years ago

    This is a brilliant animation of what thousands of educators are feeling. The narrowing of curriculums across the world dominates as public structures are created to inform and monitor results within public education. It is our children who ultimately pay the price. I have taught across three continents and this growing trend is demeaning much of the hard work utilised by educators.

    However. combating this world-wide ‘follow the leader’ mentality, often used as a political tool to ‘tick a box in policy’ for politicians and bureaucrats, is the concern. Divergent or other creative thinking in educational delivery for children is essential. Yet still the problems are issued and alternatives denied as too hard or too expensive…or even too experimental.

    Does Sir Ken offer us alternatives? Many of us are definitely interested.

      • Darcy Moore

      • 13 years ago


      He is an inspirational fellow and does have, if not a blueprint, ideas for what should be considered in the field of education. I highly recommend Sir Ken’s other talks and writings. I can lend you all his books via Steve and here‘s some links.

    • Steve Ramsey

    • 13 years ago

    Love it Darcy.
    I took it to our Staff Meeting this afternoon.
    Generated lots of comment.

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