How to use social media to collaborate*

Over the last few years my presentations and workshops, designed to share my enthusiasm for Web 2.0 with colleagues, have led to many new friendships as well as much personal and professional excitement at the future of learning. It is evident to me that all of us involved in education need to personally develop life-long […]

Catalysts – making it happen!

The NSW Deputy Principals’ conference continues today. DPs have signed up to our conference ning and many more are using Yammer. Change is in the air. My presentation, ‘Communicating Online’ is ‘a prezi’. Communicating Online on Prezi   I had my PLN say hello via yammer and twitter during the workshop, there were some pearls of wisdom. […]

Reflections on the NSW Deputy Principals' Annual Conference '09

I have been critical of the last couple of DP conferences but found this year’s event in the Hunter Valley a much more satisfying experience.  The venue and facilities were spacious, salubrious and the wireless connectivity good. The mood was very positive in all respects. The keynotes were mostly excellent but what made a difference, […]

Reflections on the NSW Deputy Principals' Conference

The DP’s association annual conference was held at Star City this week and was the third consecutive I’ve attended. Considering last year it was at Rose Hill, I am starting to think the folk who choose the venues have gambling problems as the actual spaces are so inappropriate for an Education conference, on a number of different levels, that it is hard […]