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Orwell and his parents were culturally Anglo-Indians. He was born in India and served for five years in Burma as an Assistant District Superintendent in the Indian Imperial Police. The centrality of the sub-continent to Orwell’s cultural, professional and imaginative identity can be observed throughout his life and work.

He published Burmese Days in 1934.

In 1938, his plans to return to Lucknow, in India, to work on a newspaper did not reach fruition. He had two ‘wasted’ years at the BBC at the beginning of World War Two, broadcasting propaganda to India.

The dust jacket of Orwell’s 1941 book, The Lion and the Unicorn, emphasises that the author was born into an “Anglo-Indian family”.

During the last years of his life, Orwell continued to look towards “The East”. Recently discovered letters, written to David Astor in 1945, reveal Orwell’s desire to return to Burma as a war correspondent in order to report on the closing stages of the military campaign and to interview Burmese political leaders on the eve of independence from Britain.

Orwell, in the year prior to his death, returned to the Anglo-Indian world of his youth and was  working on what would be an unfinished literary project, set in Burma and titled, A Smoking-Room Story.

Douglas Kerr’s new book, Orwell and Empire, is essential reading on this topic.

I travelled to India for 6 weeks in late 2023 to learn more about Orwell’s Anglo-Indian heritage. I had a quixotic goal of trying to identify Orwell’s Ayah and but mostly wanted to talk with local people in Motihari and Nainital. Time spent in the State Archives of Bihar (Patna) and West Bengal (Kolkata), as well as the National Archives in Delhi was fruitful.

On the 14th July 2024 I will give an online George Talk for The Orwell Society about my discoveries titled, “Orwell & India”!

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