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On the road for more than a month now, I have not been paying as much attention to my social media networks as usual and was a little horrified to see that foolishly I had two Google+ accounts. That’s to0 many circles.

How did this happen?

A colleague needed my (not often used) Gmail account to organise an invite in the first days Google+ was available. I was barely paying attention but managed to add some folks to circles and quickly check out this new product. Weeks passed.

I was logged-in to my Google Reader – with a different email account – and noticed people adding me to circles on the tab at the top. Without thinking, I reciprocated and started building my circles every once and a while.

I had literally just finished reading Judy O’Connell’s great post, The Googlization of everything when I twigged to having the two accounts.

Hmmm…okay, what to do. I have spent very little time playing with Google+ but recognise that it may become an important part of my daily online rituals, so, this needed to be sorted out quickly as it will be annoying to colleagues and will hardly be useful for me. This video, shared by Kelli McGraw, shows why Google+ might become part of our ‘online rituals’

I tried to just delete Google+ on one account but it appears – and do, please, tell me if I have this wrong – that one must delete the entire Google account to do so. Then I tried to associate an email with the other account but this is not possible as it is already linked to an account.

Which account to delete?

My Google Reader is linked to my professional email address. There are 4 years worth of feeds. However, the DET has recently become the DEC and one assumes that our email addresses will change shortly. Also, maybe it is the time to ‘start again’ with my feeds. I do seem to delete many thousands unread.

 What would you do? Am I missing an option?


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Thanks to advice from Jim and Alec, I have disabled one Google+ profile and imported my RSS feeds to the other. Easy.



  1. You can disable Google Plus on one of the google accounts – that’s what I ended up doing – had a similar situation.

      • Darcy Moore

      • 13 years ago

      Thanks Alec. 🙂

    • Jim Ridge

    • 13 years ago

    Hi Darcy,

    If it’s just a case of the feeds in your Google Reader account, these can be exported from one account and into the other Google account. I’ve done this on a number of occasions with no problems. Hope this helps the dilemma in some small way!

      • Darcy Moore

      • 13 years ago

      Cheers Jim 🙂

    • Kelli

    • 13 years ago

    I am struggling to like google+
    To be fair, I know I have to do more work to break through the new media pain barrier, but honestly, nothing is happening there just now for me that isn’t happening on my other networks. Les loves it. I know it’ll keep on taking off. Kevin Rose will see to it! And the hangouts are something I look forward to exploring more, especially for teaching.

    One thing I think they’ve underestimated is that people have invested a lot of time getting their mums and dads onto Facebook, so FB just isn’t going to die a quick MySpacish death. The introduction of GAMES into G+ is going to be the ticket, to get more screen attention there, but still.

    Ah well, I’ll keep plugging away 🙂

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