Things You Learn  is a new online magazine that draws together stories exploring how learning influences our lives, how we strive for change and the outcomes it can bring about.

I really like this idea/rationale.

Metacognitive skills, like reflection, are such an important part of learning. Hearing stories on others’ reflections is important for students but too often adults do not have the time, or opportunity, to publicly share their many learning journeys.

I’d like to thank Martin Jorgenson for asking me to write an article for the first edition. I really enjoyed reflecting on my passion for photography; you can read ‘Learning to be a Shooter’ here.

There are articles by Dean Groom, Wendy Orr, Penni Russon, Royan Lee, Alain de Botton and Martin that I enjoyed and recommend you read.

You may wish to consider submitting an article here or follow the site via twitter.

Hope you choose to set up an RSS feed from Things You Learn. I am certainly looking forward to the next issue.


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