This 3 minute talk by Renny Gleeson gets to the heart of the matter.

‘Shared narratives’ are powerful and being hyperconnected can allow this to happen across, and despite, physical spaces.

However, there is a potential cost and I’m sure we are guilty as charged by Renny.

I remember my years, in the mid-90s, travelling through India, Nepal, Europe and the UK more than just fondly. In many ways these experiences are central to my inner life and identity.

They are also largely unrecorded.

My friends and parents received postcards and a few long letters (some of which have now come my way again). However, I did not blog as the internet was barely conceived and more to the point I had a philosophy, often passionately explained, about ‘living’ in the moment, not merely ‘recording’ it.

I took no camera and have a handful of shots of this period of my life.

I wish I’d done less ‘living’ and more ‘recording’.

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