The filters that school systems use to manage what students access will shortly become irrelevant to the young people being protected (from themselves?). How long before every student just accesses what they want in the playground via their mobile phone? Quite simply, it is Gilmore’s Law in action in our schools.

One great use for students’ new wave of phones would be Wikipanion, available at the iPhone Apps Shop, which is bound to do a roaring trade (especially as it is free). Apparently, this app is ‘simply genius’ and gives you a ‘simplified version of Wikipedia without leaving out any of the site’s extra features’.

With this in mind, these ideas may the way to go for assessment in our schools of the not to distant future.



    • Andrew W

    • 16 years ago

    Not just the playground. It is not difficult to tether a mobile to a notebook via bluetooth.

    • darcymoore

    • 16 years ago

    Andrew, if you are not careful, Twitter will be a port of call… ;O)

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