I highly recommend you watch this great talk by Bill Thompson on “The Two Cultures Problem”: OpenTech 2009. It is an exploration of the great divide between those who read ‘code’ and understand the impact of digital technologies, with those who don’t.

If you are not familiar with CP Snow’s 1959 lecture that Bill Thompson, who is @billt on twitter,  refers, you may wish to read this.



  1. thankyou for this, and for the link to The Machine Is Us/ing Us at City of TOngues. I don’t think the writerly crowd had seen that at all, I saw it twittered later on (by Meanjin I think). I hadn’t, and I think it’s really clever.
    Will listen to the Thompson lecture as well.

  2. Genevieve,

    Thanks for this.

    It is fascinating – as a lover of literature but also of digital technologies and the internet – how it is all unfolding. Just about to post more in response to Mark Pesce brilliantly insightful piece, shortly. Stay tuned.

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