My colleague, Peter Johnson, officially retires on Monday 27th April after 40 years of serving our community and working to help the youth of NSW.
Peter opening "Johno's Garden"
Peter opening "Johno's Garden"

Peter’s support and friendship has been unwavering during the three years we have worked together at Dapto High School. I have learnt much from him and remember, on first meeting Peter, being relieved that the other deputy principal was obviously a very ‘safe pair of hands’.

It has only been this week that I realised Peter commenced working at Dapto High School on the very same day in 1992 that I commenced my teaching career. It would be fair to say that Peter has a wee bit more experience than I, considering I was born in 1968 and Peter’s career commenced, as you see below, in 1969.

                                       – 1969 James Cook HS (PE Teacher/Sportsmaster)

                                       – 1970 Radio 2SM Sydney (1st Semester)

                                       – 1970 -1972 Bonnyrigg HS (PE Teacher/Sportsmaster)

                                       – 1973 Travelling Europe

                                       – 1974-1978 Pt Hacking HS (PE Teacher/Sportsmaster)

                                       – 1979 UWA Full Time student

                                       – 1980-1982 HT PE Whalan HS

                                       – 1983-1984 HT PE Ashcroft HS

                                       – 1985 Health Education Consultant Met SW Region

                                       – 1986-1987 SEO1 Drug Education  Consultant Met SW Region

                                       – 1988-1991 SEO2 Student Welfare Consultant Met SW Region

                                       – 1992-1993 Leading Teacher Dapto HS

                                       – 1994 Quality Assurance Team NSW DET

                                       – 1995-2009 Deputy Principal Dapto HS

Peter has been a great supporter and advocate for students who are disadvantaged. His influence and proactive endeavours to ensure life outcomes are positively improved has made a huge difference to many young people in the communities he has worked. I remember one day when a guy installed an IWB at the school and he mentioned he was a former student. I asked who was your best teacher? He instantly replied, ‘Mr Johnson’, he not only gave me a chance ‘he got me my first job’.

I have heard variations on this theme many times over the last three years. Peter has great respect from students and his colleagues.

I would say that the culture of our school, the one that cannot be written only lived, Peter has had a pivotal role in developing and maintaining. Tradition is important to Peter, as is innovation and change. I’m sure that Pete would agree that progress and continuity is always the heart of our challenge – and one of the joys of our work.

Pete, I look forward to our ongoing collaboration during your ‘retirement’.

We all look forward to a great night at Peter’s retirement dinner, on Saturday 9th May at Kiama Golf Club.

It's not really "goodbye"
It's not really "goodbye"


    • Mr Johnson

    • 15 years ago

    Thank you!
    I have been privileged in so many ways to work with such dedicated teachers and support staff; and to have worked with thousands of brilliant, vibrant young people and their parents. Does any other career give one the opportunity to directly impact the critical development of human beings?
    You Darcy, have been a teacher for me too! Your dedication, pedagogical talent and capacity have energised me and many at our school. Keep it up, the new order of the technical age demands your expertise!
    I don’t feel I’ve retired, just ceased full time employment. We will be collaborating (and socialising I hope) over many years!
    Here’s to opportunity!

    • Andrew

    • 15 years ago

    Love the pictures! I trust the recent rain has those carefully choosen plants thriving,

    Pete has left our school ‘on a high’;we will all watch in anticipation to see where his formidable energy is directed next.

    His guidance and support during my first five years as principal has been ‘onderful!


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