1. Thanks for finding this and posting it. It is fascinating.

    • darcymoore

    • 15 years ago

    Thanks Skip – glad it was of interest to you.

    Ever since watching ‘The Machine is Us/Using Us’, like so many of us, I have followed Michael Wesch very closely.

    Checked out your blog and added it to my RSS feeds. I look forward to your posts.

    • alix

    • 15 years ago

    What a brilliant mind / man! That whole talk was really inspirational. I jotted down a few key phrases and soon I’d filled a page… I especially loved what he said about letting students’ (our) learning be guided not by grades but by “good questions”, like: “what do I really need to know for the test of my life?” Loved it! Thanks again Darcy for the post.

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