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Blog Wordle 2008


2008 has been a great year. The election of Barack Obama has been the highlight and the failure of the Rudd Government to deliver the ‘Digital Education Revolution’, via the states, the lowlight.

I have enjoyed your blog posts; hope you have gained something from mine, occasionally. The following of my posts, listed chronologically, received the most hits and comments in 2008:



 Digital Education Revolution 




Digital Revolution at DHS   




Brainology: Transforming Students’ Motivation to Learn   




A View of the World: Our Trip to Melbourne and the Nature of Excellence 




Upgraded (Planned change?) 




Monet and Learning 




Learning Teams



And, my favourite video of the year, posted here at Darcy’s Blog, was definitely, A twitter love song 


I am revamping my blog in early 2009 and looking forward to more discussion about ‘learning’.


My ‘education, technology, life’ tag may have to go and maybe a more imaginative blog title even (but am yet to dream that up) so it may still be just simply, ‘Darcy’s Blog’.


Thanks to everyone who has read my posts and especially those folk generous enough to make comment. I’d especially like to thanks everyone on twitter for their support.


I have learnt much this year from an evergrowing PLN in 2008 and eagerly await 2009.


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  1. Perhaps your full name for the blog title? I want to remove my current name of my personal blog and just change over to my name. For my tagline I’ve gone with what I’m about – not sure if that helps you?

    Best of luck with your blog makeover.

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