Newspaper articles so often seem to be written in an historical vaccuum. Have Australians ever glorified ‘villians’ in previous eras, when the media was less pervasive? Of course, we can mention Ned Kelly and a whole host of bushrangers, along with more recent examples that are similiar to Carl Williams eg Chopper Read. Historically, ballads and folk tales do the same. Really, there does not seem to be a need for such moral outrage over a fine Australian drama (when there are so few); especially when it is in the Fairfax, and increasingly ‘broadloid’, SMH.

And I have to digress; it is a pity that NSW Teachers Federation president Maree O’Halloran, mentioned ‘heroes like John Wayne’ as his filmic roles often were ‘villianous’ in another way and used to ‘naturalise’ a whole host of attitudes that are problematic. Lets not even mention his politics and commentary about African-Americans and communists. A very odd choice of ‘hero’.


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    • Mark O

    • 16 years ago

    Broadloid – indeed. I had a chuckle at that slow news day beatup. Especially considering how much Ruth Ritchie, et al, eulogise The Sopranos to the nth degree. At least in Underbelly the police finally won and the criminals in gaol.
    As for Maree O’Halloran – that’s the same Ms. O’Halloran recently seen being photographed next to the leader of the NSW National Party. We’ll see her joining Fred Nile in the Festival of Light soon enough.

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