The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is used as a personality assessment tool, often in workplaces, to help with team development. I did this many years ago and was assessed as an INTJ. There are 16 personality types and I’d encourage you to have some fun and complete this brief online assessment and comment, telling us your ‘type’.



  1. Andrew W:

    The test tells me I’m INTJ also.

  2. darcymoore:

    I have always thought highly of you, Andrew. Not so sure any more though ;O)

  3. Kelly M:

    Darcy…. The test tells me I’m ISFJ!!! Wow…I can see so much I have in common with Mother Teresa! KM

  4. darcymoore:

    *Laughing* That’s good Kelly

  5. darcymoore:

    I should mention that I did the test I linked to and it gave me the same result as all those years ago when I first was exposed to the MBTI. I guess that’s the reason the tool is still so widely used half-a-century after it was developed.

  6. Troy:

    I test informs me that I am an ENFJ??

  7. darcymoore:

    ENFJ’s ‘live in the world of people possibilities’ – that’s good for an educator:

  8. Renee G:

    I am ENFP…..interesting reading!

  9. kellimcgraw:

    I got EIFP: Extroverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Perceiving.

    I “have a wide range and variety of emotions, and a great passion for novelty.”
    BUT “sometimes neglect [my] nearest and dearest while flitting around trying to save the world.” That’s about right too 🙁

    It also apparently explains why I can’t keep my desk clean 😉

  10. Janie:

    evidently I am rather saint-like myself also, with a marked resemblance to Mother Theresa. Must tell my family of my saint-like status. ISFJ. I have done this someplace before – can’t remember what I was then. Probably the same, as my martyr complex does run deep and strong.

  11. Sane W:

    ENTJ for me.

  12. nicolemockler:

    I came out as INFJ, but just like a thousand years ago when I did the ‘real’ test, I’m borderline I/E and also T/F.

  13. I seem to be ENFJ but am also suspiciously NT ish… maybe INTJish, or maybe that’s just what I aspire to.

    Adrian Bruce reminded me of the Enneagram system – very quick test can be done here: – I come out as a 3 on that one, and the 3 profile fits me best out of the 9, which is interesting because years ago I think it was ‘4’.

    To me the value of both systems, and others like it, is mainly they they provide some sort of topology, some kind of framework, within which to probe yourself and understand others. For my the MBTI was very helpful in my early 20s for learning to accept and celebrate people patently different to myself, and for putting into words some dilemmas to do with my own functioning. It’s nice simply to have some starting language for understanding particularities in our temperaments.

  14. Lynette:

    INFJ- quite interesting.

  15. ENTJ for me.

  16. I also clicked to read the Keirsey assessment:

    Interesting read about the “Fieldmarshal”

    These types of inventories are worth doing. They stimulate thinking and oneself and that is valuable. Elaine

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