Dapto HS Executive at WIN TV

Andrew FitzSimons interviewed by WIN TV after a presentation about the digital future(s).

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  1. darcymoore:

    Ironically, you wont be able to watch this at work ’cause DET blocks YouTube and TeacherTube does not accept a very wide range of formats for upload (I did try and convert to WMV or AVI but unfortunately the fole corrupted). Will WIN be happy that I uploaded the clip they provided to YouTube? Well, we were talking about digital futures…

  2. Trigger:


    There was a really good movie on the TV the other night and I missed it. Is it possible for you to put it on your blog?

    Andrew H

  3. darcymoore:

    Weeell, as you know, it is my mission to serve. Some wags have discovered P2P and bittorrent (don’t know much about it myself) for such situations and it would be possible for us to work something out I’m sure. Have you tried renting movies from iTunes?

  4. kellimcgraw:

    “For them to be good at all things digital is a no-brainer”

    Scarily, quite a few ppl can be seen in the no-brain category then 😉

    Have you tried edublogs TV with the DET filter?

  5. darcymoore:

    Yes, when we give the Boss more media training he will avoid that expression (sorry Andrew) as it didn’t quite sound right. I have an edublog account and it gets through the filter.

  6. kellimcgraw:

    No no, I liked it – he said what we are all thinking!

    You might be able to convert “Dapto HS Executive at WIN TV” from youtube to edublogs.tv then.

  7. darcymoore:

    It came to me as an asp file and whatever I converted it to just corrupted so basically I uploaded to YouTune (WordPress didn’t like asp either).

  8. Good to see the WINTV boardroom posters (behind the talking head) have not changed since my Aunty Nance first put them up in the 1960’s. Now that’s progress.

  9. darcymoore:

    I quite enjoyed the paraphanalia in the room which certaily, as you suggest Tony, had a sense of history. There is a framed letter to Bruce Gordon dated 1958 which says if he does a good job in the next 12 months expect to be appointed manager. It is signed by Rupert Murdoch. Another point, I asked the question, what % of 10-25 yo’s watch WIN. Couldn’t get an answer for that one. How many do you think?

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