This is my PowerPoint from today’s video conference, THINKING GLOBALLY, DELIVERING LOCALLY, organised by the Macquarie ICT Innovations Centre and the NSW DET:     Thanks to Anne-Maree Moore for her friendly guidance and warm support. I look forward to John Larkin’s presentation tomorrow.

PLNs and PLEs

Last year I started asking around, on Twitter, for the origin of the acronyms that I was reading so much about. ‘Personal Learning Networks’ (PLNs) and ‘Personal Learning Environments’ (PLEs) were so often used by the educators that I was following that it was surprising no-one really could source them. Recently, I have had more […]

#Bridge Street

My presentation for principals today didn’t go as smoothly as one would hope. We had poor internet access and streaming videos and pages loading properly was problematic. However, my PLN was great and tweeted hellos using the hashtag #BridgeSt. Hopefully some delegates came away enthused with the potential of these tools.

ISER Conference Presentation – Web 2.0 & PLNs

My intention for this presentation above, given at the ISER Regional Conference, was to propose a way that we could engage students using new tools by transforming professional development in our region with Web 2.0 concepts. Students would benefit enormously as our colleagues became more Web 2.0 savvy and ‘new thinking’ entered classrooms (along with laptops/learning devices and wireless connectivity). […]

Directions, Goals and Influencers

I always like to start the school year with a clear sense of direction and personal professional priorities and goals; a sort of pre-reflection, if that makes sense. It goes without saying that one needs, as an educator, to be a: – better learner – better teacher – better leader and to do something personally […]

Open Letter to an Education System Leader

Mr __________,   Our community appreciates your attendance at our awards ceremony at such a busy time of the year.   While you are here, I was hoping to take the opportunity to present an outline of an idea that is both representative of the paradigm shift in education but also an example of how our […]

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