Viborg, Denmark 2011

Opportunities for professional growth and renewal are plentiful, if you work as an educator but rarely does one have the kind of opening to a new world that has presented itself recently. Carsten Søndergaard and I are exchanging our jobs for a term. Carsten is a Pædagogisk Inspektor at Viborg Katedralskole, establish in 1060, in, of […]

HIT REFRESH: Leading and Blogging

Welcome to our blogging workshop today for the NSW English Teachers’ Association annual conference.  Before we commence, lets gather some data using a great online tool called Survey Monkey (only for conference delegates please). A key issue: why do you want to blog? What is your purpose? What do you want to achieve? How can you connect? Kelli […]

5 Minds for the Future

I managed to read Howard Gardner’s most recent book, 5 Minds for the Future these holidays and think it a useful tract. I enjoyed the book. It would be rare that an educator did not know Gardner’s contested work on multiple intelligences and to have made use of it in their classroom. He opens his book suggesting that […]

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