Directions, Goals and Influencers

I always like to start the school year with a clear sense of direction and personal professional priorities and goals; a sort of pre-reflection, if that makes sense. It goes without saying that one needs, as an educator, to be a: – better learner – better teacher – better leader and to do something personally […]

The Myth of a Golden Age?

We are in a Golden Age, by any measure, us, who reside in NSW in the first decade of the 21st century. Agree? However, it seems that I hear nothing but negativity from a diverse range of people – the media, educationalists, parents, my Mum and Dad – anyone would think that comparative to past […]

ETA Conference: Blogs and Blogging Workshop

Welcome to this ‘Blogs and Blogging’ ETA workshop. We have 30 computers but with so many particpants you may have to share a computer, which may work out well as we collaborate today (and in the future?) to develop our blogs and networks. The rubric for the workshop: The media landscape, especially journalism, has undergone […]


Since Mark Pesce spoke about Twitter at an conference earlier in the year, I have been embarrassingly evangelical about this microblogging service. Quite simply, Twitter lets you microblog pithy 140 characters posts, known as ‘tweets’, to your friends or followers. This often seems inane to the uninitiated but the growing number of influential educators and teacher […]

National English Curriculum: Initial Advice

The nation’s newspapers reported on the release of the National English Curriculum: Initial Advice paper with the following opening lines: ‘GRAMMAR will return to the classroom‘ ‘CHILDREN will be taught grammar for the first time in more than 30 years’ ‘ENGLISH will be stripped back to basics under a draft national curriculum so students learn more […]

Monet and Learning

My family had the opportunity to visit Monet and the Impressionists at the Art Gallery of New South Wales in Sydney on the weekend and my 4 year old daughter’s enthusiasm to learn (without this ever being discussed) was both a joy and instructive to the educator within. I always get an audio guide – when […]

Teaching for a living II

Posting about ‘reflection’ always gives rise to more of the same. It made me feel less than I’d like to be when I suggested my motivation to be a DP was merely, “…for financial reasons“. There’s more that can be said on this point that links to perhaps the greatest social experiment the country has […]


Actually went to Dymocks in George Street and checked out the iLiad. I really wanted to buy one with the money earned judging the SMH Young Writer Comp but couldn’t justify the outlay for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I had the salesman search for the PDF of the last few novels I read and […]

The Digital Revolution at DHS – Laptop Proposal

DHS needs to plan creatively and carefully in order to position the school effectively to reap the benefits of the Federal Governments funding of the ‘digital revolution’ for 2009 and beyond. The challenges are many but the opportunities afforded our school community are great.   The following outlines a course of action designed to:   […]


Tuning in to the zeitgeist is a full-time job and one that educators are uniquely situated to both understand and interpret. How many other professions have such an opportunity to analyse the march of generations and the cultural climate of the times while reflecting on the nature of knowledge and learning? How can an educator […]

Why the Web is Like a Rainforest

I was disappointed that – to my knowledge – no colleague at work took up the Dailylit service suggestion. It is a joy to find a thought-provoking piece you can read in a few minutes in your inbox. I’ve been reading The Best of Technology Writing 2006/7 by installment via this service and it has been brilliant. […]

Education revolution

An article in The Australian, Education revolution worries teachers makes for interesting reading. Read it for yourself, but the statistic claiming only 27% of teachers – ‘…believed the internet was transforming the way they engaged their students…’ would be of fundamental concern. I would like to see the survey to understand exactly what was asked. And Greg Black’s […]

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