‘I’ve seen the future of children’s digital education and it is awesome.’

Thanks to Brian Giesen for inviting me to Microsoft’s #OMGtips event at Est. in George Street, Sydney today. All of the speakers –  Melissa DoyleBen O’DonoghueSarah Vaughan and Stacey Quince – were engaging and shared great tips to help parents use technology successfully in their busy lives. One could certainly tell that each was a parent themselves.

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Stacey and myself were the only educators, in the strictly professional sense of the term, present at the event today. We shared an English staffroom in the 90s in SW Sydney so it was good to see her again. I could tell that people were truly impressed with what Stacey, now a school principal, demonstrated is happening at Campbelltown Performing Arts High School. Her presentation really showed how schooling is changing, as well as the huge potential that all kids have to be engaged in deep learning.


I tweeted quite a deal during Microsoft’s @sarahvaughan’s presentation. I just liked her attitude and outlook immensely. Sarah’s insights into leadership and collaboration were ones I wish were espoused by more in education. There’s so much opportunity and potential for parents and educators to assist children and teenagers to soar into an exciting, shared future, if we can just let go of the baggage that is holding us back.



The hashtag tweetstream will give you a good idea about the spirit of all these presentations and the tech tips from those enjoying fine food while listening to the speakers.  The conversation was great. One could just sense that people ‘get it’. Here’s some pics shared via Skydrive.

Finally, I just couldn’t help myself (see below). Thank @BDGiesen for the retweet. 😉

HSC exams

Featured image: cc licensed ( BY NC SA ) flickr photo by Darcy Moore:


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