My travels in India gave me an appreciation of ‘Hinglish’ and I wasn’t in Singapore long enough to experience much ‘Singlish’ but hopefully, with Chinglish on the rise, opportunities will present themselves to enjoy the richness of this derivation in the not too distant future.

How English Is Evolving Into a Language We May Not Even Understand is a recent WIRED article that explores the notion that English is “happily leading an alternative lifestyle without us”.



    • kellimcgraw

    • 16 years ago

    Did you ever see the documentary ‘The Adventure of English’? It is a really great doco about how the English language evolved over time, this story flows on from that completely, showing how the language continues to evolve.

    One of my students today described English as “a casserole of other languages”. Indeed!

    • darcymoore

    • 16 years ago

    You’re right Melvyn Bragg’s doco is a must…and ‘casserole’ is a great description. What’s the etymology of casserole anyway?

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