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Thoughts About What’s Important in 2011 and Beyond at Our School

Hello colleagues, I jotted down a list of thoughts about 2011 that feel important for me to personally remember about our school and our directions. As you […] 

Reflections on Education & Learning in Shanghai

Australian students with a Chinese background have long been respected in NSW schools for their diligence and conscientious attitudes towards learning and school. After my […] 

10 questions for your child’s teacher

I have never had a parent ask me any of the questions listed below, except, perhaps, the one about ‘happiness’ in a number of guises. I […] 

What do you think?

I have changed the look of my blog and am seeking some feedback. I really like a number of features available from this new theme: […] 

PLE Reflection (after a presentation for our Year 11 conference)

My brief, to present at a Year 11 conference about online tools, has accentuated, in my mind, how far away we are from providing the Personal Learning Environment […] 

'How Has The Internet Changed The Way You Think?'

Here are the best answers you are likely to read, compiled by the Edge Foundation at their World Question Centre, to this important question.   The following passage, from […] 

Mountains to die on?

What was it like at your school? Were you a smart kid? Were the classes streamed/graded or mixed ability or some combination of both? How […] 

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