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The Lytro & Digital Light Field Photography

“This dissertation introduces a new approach to everyday photography, which solves the longstanding problems related to focusing images accurately. The root of these problems is […] 

Optimism & Resilience: Third Annual Conference

Our annual school conference is a special way to end the year on a high that we all look forward too. I blogged about our last […] 

Photography: My Reading

The shutterbug is feeding voraciously on my blood. I am happily bitten and wanted to share the best of what I have read on my Kindle […] 

Learning: A Digital Renaissance (a draft)

I Music & Photography: A Digital Renaissance This century, the digital revolution in photography and music, has led to the democratisation and proliferation of human […] 

Learning HDR Photography

It is always wonderful to have a fresh enthusiasm to share. HDR photography (or HDRI) is new to me and in the last weeks of […] 


My interest in photography has always been, in a sense, academic. In truth, I am not really a practical guy and the technical aspect of taking […] 

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