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ABC Splash…

“…is a new education website for Australia, packed with 100s of videos, audio clips and games. Totally free to watch and play at home and […] 

A New School

My friend hopes to move to Australia and work at an excellent school that is progressive, secular and innovative. Community is important and she wants […] 

‘Great Teaching, Inspired Learning’ #1

cc licensed ( BY SD ) flickr photo shared by jfcherry The discussion paper at the Great Teaching, Inspired Learning website is likely to have some educators and community […] 

ALARM (A Learning and Response Matrix) #1

When Max Woods distilled the core of his presentation about ALARM (A Learning and Response Matrix) for the 200 teachers at the Chifley hotel this week […] 

The Wrong Conversations

  Fairfax has signalled that the future is online Fairfax cuts 1900 jobs   Fairfax media, publishing the Sydney Morning Herald, since 1831, is the […] 

Learning in Mudgee

One of the great joys of fatherhood is learning with your children, especially while travelling. We have more time to hangout, walk and talk when […] 

All our jobs…

RE: Chris Betcher’s thoughtful post I believe that our whole community needs to take responsibility for learning, not just teachers. An excellent doctor is a must […] 

‘The New Science of the Teenage Brain’

The current October edition of National Geographic has an interesting article on the ‘teenage brain’. I do not usually buy this magazine but waiting for ferries in […] 

The Education Revolution: Pledge

cc licensed ( BY NC SD ) flickr photo shared by Darcy Moore I am currently listen to the live stream from TEDxLondon of the #EducationRevolution. Here are the speakers and […] 

PISA and the Disadvantaged Student

The Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) causes a flurry of interest in educational and political circles when newspapers report the publicly released ‘rankings’, often highlighting the […] 

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