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Understanding the Rise of China

Anyone who read my blog in 2010 would know how a trip to Shanghai opened my eyes to what we have all been reading about over […] 

Teaching design for change

How many schools, that wish to innovate and recreate learning spaces for New Times, are hampered by ‘the buildings’ and ‘the space’ the community have […] 

Your future?

How much is your future connected to what you choose to do ‘for a living’? Many of us are lucky enough to be learning/working in […] 

What can we learn from the World Cup?

Craig Foster’s recent analysis of Spanish footballing success is likely to resound with many educators.  Spain are a wonderful example to Australia because the fruits […] 

‘Prediction is very difficult, especially if it’s about the future’*

As I was unable to attend the Education Future Forum, held in Sydney earlier this year, Dr Phil Lambert kindly emailed me his presentation, 2010-2020: Ten Propositions […] 

Tim O'Reilly Explains the Internet of Things

I really enjoyed this post from Read Write Web, the ‘Internet of Things’, highlighting Tim O’Reilly’s recent keynote. Some viewing. The first video is 5 minutes long […] 

Whatever Happened to the Book is Happening Now!

At great risk of appearing unneccesarily sycophantic, I need to say that Mark Pesce‘s post, Whatever Happened to the Book,  is clever, unusually clever, even for Mark. […] 

Google won't make us stupid

  “Most experts agree that Google won’t make us stupid.”   PREDICTIONS    

5 Minds for the Future

I managed to read Howard Gardner’s most recent book, 5 Minds for the Future these holidays and think it a useful tract. I enjoyed the book. […] 

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